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Emre Colakoglu
CEO & Co-Founder @Parabol


We found Octane to be an exceptional tool that helped us uncover issues we wouldn't have detected before our main audit. Octane bolstered our confidence for our launch and effectively prepared us for the security audit with ToB. We were particularly impressed by the team's responsiveness and swift action. The communication was seamless, and the vulnerability findings were really valuable.

Pepi Martinez
CTO @ NoRamp


We had an awesome experience using Octane. What stood out most was the speed, cost, and efficiency of their product. Their deep AI models identified some vulnerabilities and made some useful code fixes. Octane has saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars in comparison to other audit services. The team's commitment to helping us understand the findings from their engines and trade-offs of various fixes truly set them apart from other security products and firms.

George Melika
CEO & Co-Founder @ Volta


Octane has been very useful to us during our account abstraction wallet development. The product helped us to proactively scan for potential vulnerabilities that improved our overall development speed and confidence level. Also, the Octane team was always on-top of communication and pro-active.

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